OSX Install

OSX installation using Homebrew

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You can install Nift on OSX using the Homebrew package manager, see here. Install instructions are here. Alternatively first install brew, eg:,

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

then enter:

brew install nift

You can find compiler options including building with a normal version of Lua on the documentation page for make.

To uninstall Nift enter brew uninstall nift.

Installing Nift on OSX from source

Installing a c++ compiler

Install Xcode. Should you still encounter any problems compiling nsm there is a good chance command line tools was not installed by default. To manually install it yourself: open Xcode, go to preferences, click on the downloads tab, then you should be able to download and install command line tools.

Installing Nift

Download nsm-master-*.zip, then follow these steps to compile and install:

  1. Extract nsm-master-* from nsm-master-*.zip;
  2. Open a terminal window and change directory to ~/Downloads/nsm-master-*;
  3. Compile nsm by running make;
  4. Install nsm by running sudo make install (note - you will need to enter your password) (note - you may need to open a new terminal window for the Nift installation to be recognised);
  5. Delete both the file nsm-master-*.zip and the directory nsm-master-* containing the uncompiled code.

For example, if you unzipped nsm-master-* inside your downloads folder, then steps 1-4 are achieved by entering the following into your terminal window:

cd ~/Downloads/nsm-master-*
sudo make install

Note: See here for information about the variables you can pass to the Makefile when compiling Nift.

Uninstalling Nift

Should you ever want to remove nsm from your machine, simply run sudo make uninstall.