Code of Etiquette
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The Code of Etiquette for Nift is here to give guidance about the kind of behaviour we consider acceptable.

We expect people to stick to levels they are competent at. We also prefer people who are typically harsher on the people above them for particular topics rather than the people below them, though realise there is a balancing act here, too far in either direction can cause various different problems.

We do not support people trying to take over other people's work, authorship, research, projects, communities, identities (even online identities) etc., especially when it is used to cause all sorts of different kinds of abuse. If something is so bad that it needs to be addressed, rescuing the hostages, keeping the perpetrators away from any potential hostages ever again and shutting it down is the approach we insist on. We also do not condone people's stories being shared without people's actual permission, whether it be through film, book or otherwise. We do not consider those who cause those problems, especially if it contributes to the wrong kinds of abuse, as being fit to be free in society.

People who think hostages of abuse should not be rescued, especially those who seem to think the longer abuse goes on for the less abusers should be punished and society's resources should be used to help the hostages have to continue playing along for the rest of their lives are very much not welcome in the wider Nift community, or to use Nift in any capacity.

We do not believe affirmative action on competence is acceptable. People should not be working on anything they are not competent at, it causes all sorts of atrocities across the planet, many of them caused simply to cover up some of the other atrocities people are causing, other times simply out of incompetence.

We do believe there is historical context for inter-generational discrimination against various communities in society for all sorts of different reasons, sometimes with the right intentions, other times not. However a lack of competence with topics such as logic and mathematics has contributed to a number of problems and the Nift community does not support preying on people's intelligence levels there, especially people who are at high or low levels in other areas and contribute to these problems through a lack of awareness at what they are and are not competent at. Nor do we support people who think the interpretation of publicly released or behind the scenes statistics can be decided democratically by an uninformed populace rather than using valid logical reasoning, nor even an informed populace if they are unwilling to use valid logical reasoning. We also dictate that sexual abuse is not okay even if an informed populace wants to claim they have democratically decided it is, anyone complicit to the suffering of people forced to play along for rapists has no place on this planet. We support anyone who contributes to those problems through a lack of awareness of what they are and are not competent at being stripped of their qualifications, especially people who society tells to trust for example anyone at the doctor level for any topic. These problems have contributed to almost countless further problems, including but not limited to the wrong people being punished when many of the people preying on people's intelligence levels may be the real culprits to inter-generational discrimination for the wrong reasons.

We do support helping people from any community build competence so that they can expand upon the things they can contribute to provided they also genuinely have the right intentions. We do not believe in discriminating against anyone at various levels except for people who have the wrong intentions in life, be it lying about their competence, a lack of awareness of what they are and are not competent at or for example not being able to convince people they would never willingly join in with causing sexual abuse and will do everything they can to help prevent those sorts of atrocities in society.

We have a huge problem with anyone who acts on anything without enough knowledge about a topic to ensure they are not just making the situation worse for people who are held hostage by abusers, especially sexual predators. We consider any takeover attempt of Nift to be a severe infraction of this clause, though may encourage people to do so in order to help expose their intentions for people to check.

We consider anyone who thinks forced relationships, forced sexual encounters, holding people back, and all the other nasty ways people try to get their hostages to play along for them to be unfit to be part of society. Find another community to be a part of (though society should make sure other people within those communities are safe from such people).

People who genuinely actually agree with the above Code of Etiquette are welcome to use Nift, though we encourage those people to use it independently and not try to force their way in to the development side of things. Anyone who does that will be considered an enemy to the community.

If you are not able to genuinely say you agree with these things, do not attempt to have any involvement with the official parts of the Nift community, we will defend ourselves by any means necessary on that. Anyone other than the developer/creator who claims to be part of the official Nift community at present is lying, unfortunately for the moment this is considered a necessary inclusion to the Code of Etiquette. However a number of people have made useful contributions to the official Nift community, and more people are welcome to do so provided they do not breach the Code of Etiquette.

Unlike a lot of code of conducts, we expect this behaviour to also be followed away from the Nift community. We wont kick people out of the community for trying to educate people properly and putting people in their place if their actions or otherwise may lead to the prolonged suffering of people made to play along for rapists.

If this code of etiquette resonates with you, you may like WR3CKREATIONAL.

Dr Nicholas Charles Ham (Nift's developer and creator)

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